Rolling Ball Template - Advanced Functionality?

I’d really like to make a game using this ball rolling template, but I’m such a newbie it’s not funny.

Anyone know how to bounce the ball off an object, bumper style. I would imagine this has something to do with checking the forward vector and then setting it’s velocity in the opposite direction temporarily? Also, it would be nice to have it so you temporarily pick up speed in the same direction when you pass over a trigger volume. Like an arrow boost in a racing game.

I’ve done this exact thing by creating a physical material and increasing the Restitution to about 10. Then apply the physical material to any material you want to have a bouncy surface.

The unreal doc for this explains this pretty well.

Okay, thank you, I didn’t realize physical materials even existed. However… here’s a challenge for someone…

How do I get the ball to stop from exponentially increasing momentum when bouncing between 2 objects with a high restitution? It would be a cool effect, but the speed picks up too fast to quickly and eventually flies off screen… :frowning: