Rolling ball physics with projectile movement component

I am trying to simulate ball rolling down a ramp.

I have a sphere mesh with with a physics material that sets bouncyness/friction etc.
The problem with this is that the bouncing abruptly stops.
I got told to use a projectile movement component instead and adjust BounceVelocityStopSimulatingThreshold, but for the bounce to work I need to disable the physics of the ball itself.
I removed the physics material and set my friction and bouncyness in the projectile component.
Now the ball no longer rotates when rolling down something because physics are disabled.

What would be the way to simulate this?
Should I keep using a projectile movement component and add rotation myself? Then I’d need to simulate rolling with friction, because the ball now would have to slide down on other materials instead of rolling, right?

Or is there a way to disable the bouncing threshold without using a projectile movement component?