Rolling ball game camera issue

I’m making a rolling ball game that looks like the popular game Marble Ball. the only issue i have is that since i’m making it from the rolling ball template available , the camera is following the ball but i want it to be like the one in 3rd person games when theball rotates left and right i need the camera to follow it.

Okay,…I don’t like step by step tutorials, but it seems you really in need for that…so I’ll try to give as much details as possible, so you can pass this obstacle.

  1. You need to add some new inputs for the mouse, as this roll-ball example have none of them. If you don’t know how, then go to project Settings → Inputs. And there under the “Axis Mapping” add two new variables. “turn” and set it to MouseX with value of 1, and “Lookup” and set it to MouseY, with the value of -1.

  1. Go to the ball blueprint, and add actions to be done with those new inputs.

  1. On the blueprint to, press the “Class settings” because we need an adjustment here


  1. The previouss tep will active some options at the details panel, under the “Class Options”, set it to “Character” rather than “Pawn”


  1. Last thing, select the “Spring Arm” component, that have been added after switching to “Character” blueprint"


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  1. In the options of it, set the “Do Collision Test” to be able to not get into walls, and of course set the “Use Pawn Control Rotation”


  1. Now play!



Thank’s a lot bro i was needed it so badly.

Good luck :wink:


I just read this and it helped a ton. Is there a way I can make my character move in the facing direction instead of the same direction?

Check this link: link text

Note that it all depends on how you made the camera system.

Thanks! This helped a lot.

So the camera does work (yay!) but the controls are no longer aligned to the camera… How to fix this? (Yes I did change it from Pawn to Actor)