Rolling Ball Blueprint need a level restart button

Been messing around unreal for a few years now on and off no major progress so i decided to do something small scale and take on a android game that me and my daughter can play.

im using the Rolling Ball example level as a starter and started to build the level then i noticed when i fall off a ramp there is noway to restart the level without killing the app so im trying to figure out how to make the current level/map restart it self when i fall off and or implement a restart button but i keep getting a error i assume its because the ball is not a real character.

I think the physics ball is based off of the pawn class, so you can try a Get Player Pawn instead of Get Player Character. The best way to know for sure is to open up the blueprint of the physics ball and check the top right corner for Parent class: and it should tell you what its derived from. I would check for you but I’m too lazy to build a rolling ball level. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks that worked perfect it was a pawn. I guess its worth it to ask for help instead of gething headace on the simplest things