Roll the 3D view?

Is there a way to roll the camera in the 3D view? The mouse only seems to cause pitch and yaw. I’m stuck at 90 degrees (looking at the scene as if I had my ear to the ground) because I set the view to the plane of a photo that was taken portrait instead of landscape.

Hi Aaron Curtis

can use LMB and RMB pressed and move the view.
If get “stuck” use the SCENE menu ( when have 3D view selected ) and click on RESET VIEW button…

Yes, I know that LMB pans in the ground plane, and RMB orbits the pivot point using pitch and yaw.

As far as I can tell, there is no way to roll, other than ctrl+dragging an image which is taken rolled relative to the ground plane. This means that if you take a photo which is not parallel to the ground plane, and ctrl+drag it to the 3D view, then your view will be crooked until you reset it. So basically the ctrl+drag to 3d view feature is useless for images that are not taken landscape.

Screenshots to illustrate the problem. (EDIT: fix screenshots)

If you ctrl+drag an image that was taken portrait (most of mine are) to the 3d view, you end up rolled sideways:


And then you can’t roll back because there is no roll control and you’re screwed:


Hi Aaron Curtis

can use LMB and RMB pressed and move the view = press them BOTH on same time and start to explore…

For the rotated view use teh RESET VIEW button in contextual window when in 3D view

Holding RMB and LMB at the same time doesn’t seem to do anything on my system. It just either pans – same as holding LMB on it’s own.

Are you sure that RMB + LMB is supposed to roll the camera? If so, there is a bug.