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No, not a RPG, but another rolling ball game. :smiley:

As a fan of Ballance, Switchball and similar games, I started developing “Roll Playing Game” with Unity3D and had a prototype ready in March. Before I could start with the “real” development, UE4 was suddenly released. I decided to check it out by rebuilding the prototype in UE4. Turns out I’m liking UE4 better for this project because I feel like I can achieve much more on the graphics side as a single developer (still also love Unity though) and don’t need to pay for Unity Pro.

Anyways, a comparison between new (top) and old (bottom):

Here is a short gameplay video of the prototype level:

For those who want to try the level (~5 minutes):
If it does not start, make sure to install/update DirectX and the VS Redistributables (64bit), that helped me start it on my laptop:

This is a development build (I’m actually confused why a dev build packages as 64bit, but shipping build as 32bit), console opens with TAB if whyever needed.

Some debug bindings are available, among others:
1 = show stats (fps)
Q = low graphics settings
E = high graphics settings

Feedback of any kind is highly welcome! What do you think about the graphics? Controls? Gameplay (not much available in this level, yeah)? How does it run on your PC (FPS, hardware)? Does it even start? :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

Howdy anteevy,

Game looks great so far! I am hoping to get some time today to download and give your level a shot.

I’ve made some significant progress in the last months. Most of the campaign levels are now finished and ready to be tested. Some screens:


If you want to help me out with testing the latest alpha build of the game, shoot me a PM. I’ve prepared a small page with download link and instructions I can then send you. It should take around 3h to play through it - any feedback would be welcome!