Roll or Die


I hope I’ll edit this thread soon… T__T

The idea
I’m aiming to create a standalone, free to play (t)rolling game. The name says it all, I suppose, you roll a ball.
This is a round-based game with many different game modes.

Here are the different game modes for now, at least:
Don’t fall into the deep, and push others into the deep, or wherever you want.
One single sphere starts as a hunter. The hunter has to infect others ball, you know the story, right? Hint: ZOMBIEEEEEE.
Yeah, that’s all on game modes I’ve planned.

The planned features include:

  • Steam integration:
  • Achievements
  • Random drops
  • Voice chat
  • Marketplace


  • Player customization. Skins, trails.
  • Leaderboards
  • Few game modes.
  • Taunt

Why this game? Because I think it’s very funny. You play seriously, you can troll, you can just cruise with others, and please, don’t fall down. This game is a little bit childish. You’ll have taunts to annoy others.

Free to play
You can buy cosmetic stuff for money. Need a new Rainbow Ball? Need a rainbow trail? Just buy it. Perhaps there will be a VIP mode if you pay.

Only . **T_T