Roll-a-Ball can't move a ball precisely

Hi, UE5 newbie here.
I’m making super simple roll a ball game by watching this video
(UE5: How to make a rollerball game - YouTube]

But I don’t know why the ball does not move as shown in the video even when I turn on simulation physics of ball. Maybe because the ball is too light?, it floats easily when I move the floor. I mean it blows up out of the field.
I have also increased the angular damping value of the floor and a bit the weight of the ball.
How can I fix this? :sweat_smile:

I also captured scene on my Youtube [Roll a Ball problem... - YouTube]
Thank you in advance

Hey @Matthews_2911 I know little bit too late but maybe if somebody still looking for the same problem my experience would be helpful…

So your problem look like gravity just go to World Settings and try to change the Global Gravity Z, also you can play with Mass settings into ball settings, the most crucial settings are ball collision and scale of the meshes, make sure ball collision have sphere simplified collision (default ue collision) and make sure objects in the world big enough! According to my experience real world object scales won’t work well for collision calculations (a specially small objects!) For example pinball ball diameter is 27mm, instead of that small scale use something like 2700 mm scale in the world, calculations, rolling will be much more smooth!

I hope it will help for somebody else!