Role Playing Games with Unreal

Hey there!

So, I’m creating a new world in which I would like to create a role playing game at some point in the near future.
I’m a student for computer science and have knowledge in programming It’s just that, well, I’m not sure where to start haha

I also want the future game to have some form of multiplayer.
So my question is - Does anybody here have some experience in creating a role playing game with Unreal and can share their experiences with me?
How did you go about the development process?

Also, I know there is a “RPG starter Kit” that you can buy in the market place but it doesn’t seem to have support. Also it doesn’t support multiplayer.
I’m not entirely sure if I need that specific kit.

I’d appreciate anyone helping in taking that first step and realizing where I should be going from here? I know what I want to do in terms of creating the world but there is so much more than that to consider haha


If you want Multiplayer, you need to build a server, and need to have it from the start of the project; and that per se is like building a whole game already;
It’s like making 3 games at same time. The server is project #1, the client project #2, and the gigantic library of functions needed to communicate between them is project #3.

If you try to add multiplayer after you have a game already working, you gonna have a lot of painful surprises along the way.

I would suggest that you consider the MMO-Kit forum. Lots of information there. The Documentation FAQ has a number of key answers.

The MMO-Kit is not free, but it provides an excellent jump start.

If you would prefer to learn as you go, there are quite a number of excellent tutorials on Youtube on a wide variety of multiplayer RPG topics.