Rokoko Suit movement does not track position (X,Y,Z) movement in Unreal Engine

Hello, I need some help with troubleshooting the Rokoko suit.

I’ve followed this tutorial as a reference for what I’m doing:

So far, I am able to get the Rokoko suit calibrated and the movement is tracking properly from within Rokoko Studio. I’ve also ported it over into Unreal via Live Link, and the movement translates over to Unreal. However, when I move around in the real world, the movement does not register in Unreal. The character also clips through the floor everytime I hit “Play”.

I disabled the Treadmill function which fixes the character in place.

Does anyone know why this is occuring?

Having the same issue as well, I have a custom character in unreal that is not moving around, even when I turn on locomotion, and its sliding a bit in the unreal space. If you have an answer, please post, been stuck on it for a couple weeks.