Hi all! Poketto☆Studio would like to introduce our second submission for the UE4 Market Place. (Available now at the MarketPlace for $69.99!)](Multiplayer Game in Blueprints - UE Marketplace)

**Scroll down for a simple tutorial for this template if you are having troubles!

A complete Blueprint ready UE4 Roguelike game template which comes with everything you require to start your very own Roguelike multiplayer game.
You can build your own original Roguelike game under 2 weeks with the help of this template.

The project was created based on a RoguelikeMultiplayer, and more features were added.
The games are actually sold in Japan market and are open to each project.
I think you can get the techniques you need to make a lot of games. This template features:
[INDENT=2]• Ready to go multiplayer system
• AI Bots 100% Blueprints which work in multiplayer as well
• Multiplayer Inventory
• Menu Settings for Sound and more
• UMG Damage and Health bar
• Random Dungeon generation
• Item Pick Up System
• Item Drop System
• Fight System with Damage
• Trap Functions
• LevelUp Experience System
• Procedural Dungeon Creating System
• UMG marker system
• Boss Enemy System
• Multiple types of enemy systems
• GamePad compatible[/INDENT]

RogueLike Dungeon [UE4] - YouTube**

Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions! You could either comment here or visit one of the following pages to find us :o

Demo :…23nrBwz7yMDnnB

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Want a separate perspective mode for each first person perspective and third person perspective?

hi,I I bought it,I have a few questions:
1、How to delete Random Dungeon generation?(in my map the use parts and functions)
2、How to add third person perspective

when enemy shoot a hammer or axe most of the time they not shooting at the player but at the wall, how can i fixes this

Hey guys.
I added a sample.

Hi fnl41.
The difficulty is to not homing in for adjustment.


A1.To remove random dungeon generation, remove the “GameStart” that is placed on the level. This file creates dungeons and generates enemies and items.

A2.Already in this game you are made by Third person. Change the position of the camera and the way the character is moved.

You need three steps to change your perspective.
step1.Open the PlayerCharacterBP and remove the red freame shown in the image.
step2.Initializes all springarm socket offset values.
step3.Change the rotation of the Followcamera to the default value of 0.

Now you can change the perspective like the second picture.
Then change the direction to fit the move input to any point of view.


can you please fix this warning when i play the game they popup they fill the hole console i use ue4 4.18.3 :slight_smile:

I could not reproduce the phenomenon.
Can I get more information?

Hey Guys.

I’m doing my first sale.
The period is two weeks.
30% price is cheaper.

Please try this opportunity.


how do u get none lan multiplayer to work? i type ip and port# nothing happens when hit Server Join. I have port 7777 open

First, make sure you can play multiplayer in your local environment.
To do so, connect by specifying a local IP address.
Then, if you want to connect over a NAT, open up the router port and specify a global IP connection.

@nullponull nice starter project! I just picked it up.

Any advice on adjusting it to work so that it’s just one shared screen for up to 4 local players (all on one computer with their own gamepads)? Also known as couch multiplayer. I have a camera that I can use already, just need some advice if you can, on the spawning and respawn all in one spot. Thanks!

Hi koldfire.

The way to create a Local Player is very different from the existing multiplayer.
If this is to be realized this time, it can be realized by modifying the blue print of the player character.


Hi Guys.
Created Document. And released.

Hi Guys.
Thanks to the people who bought it. The price has been reduced from $ 69 to $ 29.
If you haven’t touched it yet, why not make a multiplayer game on this occasion?

Hi developer,
I just try to download the demo but the link is dead.
Can you reupload it?