Rogue One - A Star Wars Story - Darth Vader

Hello everyone!

I’m currently working on a character from Star Wars, Darth Vader, from Rogue One. As some of you might have noticed I’m a big fan of movies and I find really interesting recreating scenes from movies in Unreal Engine, the idea is to have a short clip from the ending of Rogue One. The Rebel fleet prepares to jump to hyperspace but many of the fleet’s ships are intercepted by Vader’s flagship. Vader boards the Rebel command ship and attempts to regain the schematics and this is where the clip starts. I’m going to show a Daily update of the project and perhaps at the end of it I can release a tutorial for who is interested I hope you guys support/like the idea.

**DAY 3 - Update **

I have fixed the initial textures and enhanced a little bit the quality of the central chest computer, I’ve made the textures a little bit different from the original Star Wars.

**DAY 2 - Update **

First & Quick Texture work

**DAY 1 - Update **

3D Model and quick wireframe of the helmet

Today’s day 6 and this is my first render preview for the Unreal Engine scene! I hope you guys like it

You guys can follow up the Daily updates here:

DAY 7 First Real Time Rendering in Unreal Engine 4, I hope you guys like it.


This looks solid. Keep up the amazing work :smiley:

Where can I download this?