Rogue-like in UE4?

Hi guys i was thinking about recreating a rogue-like game in unreal engine 4 complete in blueprints. I am not sure if I want to generate a map or paint one in a programm like REXpaint. Even though I am not sure how I could handle the resolution of the maps. Anyone got ideas how i´d do that?

To the generation, I am not so experienced in “procedual generation” even though I don´t think that drawing ASCII-characters on the screen is not procedual. I was looking at the game “caves of Qud”. It really inspired me to come up with that idea.

And how would I approach the turn based movement? Just like you see in the rogue-games everytime you move everything else makes a turn.

Just had a similar idea, I recommend starting here if this idea is still alive 2 years later.