Rod Laver Arena

Hi, I’m an architect here in Melbourne, Australia. I’m currently working on an upgrade to Rod Laver Arena, this is where the Australian open is played and we’re using UE4 to visualise our design in VR. These are early wip, notice there are not seats yet, I wanted to know what’s the best way to tackle this challenge? Show I create 1 seat with LODs and place them with a spline? or should I import rows or 10-30 so I’ll reduce the drawcalls of single meshes? This is for VR so I’m super concussion about the frame count.

Yes, you’ll be able to pick up a racket and hit a ball :slight_smile:

Dynamic shadows gonna be fun with the seats. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would make rows. I’m not sure about UE4, but at all other engines i’ve used (until UE) it was faster to render less objects with higher poly count (each) than more objects with less poly count (each).
Not sure about UE4 though if there’s a difference.

Looks good, will it be playable with the Rift?

Edit: Are you sure you’re allowed to share these WiP plans? Just asking :smiley:

Hey @KrauPotato
I’m not gonna use dynamic lighting at all it would be too expensive.
And it’s ok to upload this since this area it’s already built. It’s designed for the Vive, I don’t know how you would move around without motion controllers.

Here’s a quick test of the tennis gameplay, gosh, it’s amazing how quickly you can prototype something in UE4.

For performance it’s more important to reduce draw calls, so create decent sized rows that you can reuse. One mesh per seat would kill the frame rate.

Hi Aviel08, some time ago I tried to prototype something similiar, but I ran accross the following problem, when I wanted to swing the racket harder, to give the ball much more speed, the ball would just simply go through the racket strings as they’re weren’t there looks like that is happening to you too, are you coming up with a solution? because I tried adding several layers of collision to the racket but the trick simply didn’t work out well.
Looking forward your response :slight_smile: