RocketLauncher Animations

Has anybody seen any animation packs handling over the shoulder type of weapons?


There is nothing like that on the marketplace, but probably you can find some here: :slight_smile:

Hmmm looked at those sites and cannot find anything. Just curious what other people that have implemented launchers have used? Tweaked rifle or other animations?

I personally use my own animations -> exported the 3rd person character into a 3d program - animated it - import :slight_smile:

Fighter - Fair. I guess I have to learn a 3d program next :slight_smile:

Yep, it’s pretty useful when you are abel to create your own animations/meshes/riggs :slight_smile:
But when you dont want to learn a 3d program, you can also create basic animations in the UE4 -> in persona you just have to click on the record button - move the bones - save it