Rocket Project Distribution

Is there going to be a unified process to create an installer for a given Rocket project that we can leverage or is it up to us to implement WIX or NSIS on our own?

At first it will be up to you to create an installer, however we’ll make it easier by “packaging” everything your final shipping project needs into a single folder for you. We are trying not to be presumptuous about how Rocket users will want to distribute product. We could generate an installer, but that doesn’t make sense if you’re only planning to release on Steam for example. However, if we see a lot of feedback that indicates that having a “1 button installer creator” will be super valuable, we’ll try to add that. Please let us know your thoughts!


Thank you!

That is actually great news. I remember a lot of problems with UDK packaging being unclear and will be looking forward to seeing how things shape up for the Rocket packager. In the instance that there are people looking for more customized build tools to be added would the plugin system have the hooks present to allow the addition of other tools & packaging options?

We’re working on the system right now, and it should be ready to start testing in one of the next upcoming Rocket beta releases. Exposing some flexibility there certainly makes sense. Thanks for the feedback, and stay tuned for more info.