Rocket / Missile Projectile Audio

Hi All,

New here… sorry if this has been answered before, but I’ve been looking for a while and can’t quite find the answer that helps.

I’m new to UE4 and have a question about moving audio.

I’m looking at the First Person Demo in UE4.12.5 and was looking to attach a trail sound to the projectile, so it moves with it through the world.
Currently, I have managed to spawn the sound on the projectile, but it stays in the position it’s spawned in and doesn’t move it.

What am I missing or doing wrong here?



Hi Dr Jay!

Out of curiosity, what are the attenuation settings on your Sound?

So the attenuation is a linear fade of a fair distance. It’s definitely spatialised as I can move around in the level and it’s definitely point source of the position it first spawns on.

(Sorry for the typos! Replying on my phone!)

Update and Solution:

I had very much over complicated the setup with the ‘GetWorldLocation’ from the ‘CollisionComponant’ in the original picture… it was overriding the inherited position of the audio component.

The solution is to just keep it simple:


Yes, I wanted to check your spatialization first though because I expected the movement to still be audible.

If you Spawn Attach and then give it a location, the location becomes an offset from the parent location. But how that translates into how you hear it is dependent on a lot of Attenuation Settings factors. I still would have expected it to move with the parent.