-rocket flag in RocketGenerateProjectFiles.bat

This page describes that to generate project files one needs to use the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file supplied with Unreal Engine. However, when I look in the designated folder ( “4.10\Engine\Build\BatchFiles” ) the closest naming file I find is “RocketGenerateProjectFiles.bat”.

Seems close enough, but upon further research, the term “Rocket” is used when referring to the UE4 Beta engine. Furthermore, in the said batch file itself, under the “ReadyToCompile” goto tag, the batch file calls the UnrealBuildTool.exe with the -rocket flag. Once again, I read that this was apparently only used to work with UE4 Beta and that it generally shouldn’t be something an end user should concern themselves with.

I ask then, why is it still present in the name of the batch file, what is its use as a flag for the UnrealBuildTool.exe, and, if it is not what I should be looking for, where can I find the “real” GenerateProjectFiles.bat?

You only need to concern yourself with the GenerateProjectFiles.bat file if you are working with a source distribution of the engine from GitHub, in which case it should be within the main root folder, ignore those down in Engine\Build\BatchFiles.

If you are working with an installation from the Launcher, then you should never need to worry about generating project files using this .bat file, they’ll be auto-generated when you first create a code project and can be re-generated by right clicking on your .uproject file.

There is still a lot of code around that refers to Rocket, which basically means the installed version from the Launcher now, we’re still in the process of tidying this up.