Rocket damage

So I created rocket that deals radial damage it all works. But I don’t want it to do damage to player only to enemy.

And the weird thing is that on actor hit it destroys actors around it excluding the one who got direct hit.

Take a look at these nodes :
[TABLE=“cellspacing: 0”]
[TR=“class: normal-row”]

		Damage Prevention Channel
		ECollisionChannel Enum
		Damage will not be applied to victim if there is something between the origin and the victim which blocks traces on this channel

[TABLE=“cellspacing: 0”]
[TR=“class: normal-row”]

		Damage Causer
		Actor Object Reference
		Actor that actually caused the damage (e.g. the grenade that exploded). This actor will not be damaged and it will not block damage.

They’re the usual suspects in apply radial damage. your hit actor is likely blocking it’s own trace.

You can get dirty and apply damage to the hit actor only, then apply radial damage outwards as normal and if your character still receives damage and he wants to ignore it, filter it out with a branch after TakeDamage if it’s the only damage type he wants to ignore, or switch if there are other damage methods that you don’t want to be applied to the player.

Dirty, but it works.

Just be aware dirty comes round to bite you in the butt later.