Robustly using AJA Video

I’m having a problem consistently getting video input.

I have a properly defined AJA media source; I want to make it clear that I can run the level and actually see the video input mapped onto a plane. The problem is when I externally switch input (using a video router), the video often freezes even though the input video is in the exact same format (this is a broadcast facility; during actual production a technical director will switch what is going into our virtual video window). So I get what happens - the signal changes, has a millisecond or two where it’s not in sync, and that causes the input to freeze.

In the BP the media source is opened (with options - including play on open and no looping); I have this function set to display in editor, so when I’m in the editor I can reset the video and get it to start playing again.

So at this point:

  1. the video will correctly start on playing out the level.

  2. the video will sometimes (usually) freeze when the signal coming in is switched.

  3. I can restart the video by running the same start up function to re-open the AJA media source.

However, I can’t figure out how to re-open the media source automatically. I can’t find any references to checking for errors; the media player does not report false for: “Is Playing,” or true for “Has Error,” and I even check the framerate (get video track frame rate is below 20fps) - none of them report anything wrong.

The media bundle - which I’m not sure will work for me, includes a “reopen source on error,” but I can’t seem to find that option trying to do things without the bundle.

Did you manage to fix this?