Roboto Light - Char spacing bug

Thanks, we know :slight_smile:

Hey everyone,
I found a very strange bug in 4.16, where the “Light” version of the built-in Roboto font in UMG doesn’t seem to care about a static char spacing - it’s depending on the zoom.
Example with zoomed out:

Example with zoomed in:

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new project and add a new Widget blueprint to it
  2. Add a text block and set the font to Roboto, Light, 24
  3. Try to zoom in and out and see how the text char spacing changes

Oh, should have looked before, will this go into 4.16.1?

Or even easier, just import the Roboto-Light.ttf as an own Font Face asset, and then use it. That works

Unfortunately I think I just missed it, but I’ll get it in for 4.16.2. In the mean time you could use a source build if you’re being affected by this.