Robotics shop

Here’s a scene I’ve been working on in my spare time for the past month and a half.

It’s of a robotics shop that sells robotic arms and other body parts and attachments. I’m kind of going for a blend of high-tech future props and machinery layered on top of old/retro designs. I want the interior to have a very cramped and cluttered feel so I’m going to be cramming way more props into the scene. There’s a lot left to do and I’m still figuring out the lighting so I thought I’d get some feedback from you guys as I go.

All assets are my own making.


Nice, great attention to detail, i like it. Maybe add one of these droids

Here’s some updates of my scene thus far…

Decided to change the hanging light in the background bouncing light off the wall to be an entry way with light coming out. Right now it’s a little harsh in terms of contrast but I plan on having a cloth drape across the entry way and use SSS to soften the lighting. Early tests of it look good, I just need to make a proper drape mesh.

I like how it’s coming so far. One thing I’d to push is that this is the future where getting cybernetic augmentations is as normal as getting a tattoo. In that vein, I’m gonna start making it look more like a tattoo parlor. I think that’s also where I’m gonna be having some fun, creating complex-looking machines of questionable use that, presumably, are used to give people metal prostheses.

Still lots to texture and lots of props to make to fill out the scene.

Let me know if you have any cool ideas! I’m happy to try out different things and see how they mesh together!

I love the detail, looking forward to the finished scene. =)

Here are some progress shots from the past week or so. Finally getting around to texturing some things I haven’t touched at all, as well as adjusting the lighting some more.

Pretty cool screens. :slight_smile:

It’s getting really good. :slight_smile:
Nice work with the overall lightning, it suited the scenario very well.

Reminds me of Fallout 4 Automatron DLC :slight_smile: Great job !

Looks very very good! I love the painterly feel of the scene, could almost be from a well painted graphic novel. Nice!

Alright, I think I’m done.

For now, anyway…



Wow, this looks really great!! Awesome work!

Your lighting is soooo perfect how are you getting this in UE4 what kinda lights are you using here… does it look the same in engine or did you add photoshop touch ups to the renders

That’s really good indeed, gg :wink: Please how many props did you create for the scene ?

The lighting is dynamic i guess :wink:

Hey guys, the lighting is indeed dynamic. I’m not really doing anything too fancy. Just using multiple lights on areas I wanted to highlight so I can get a more dramatic effect.

These are all in-engine captures. No touching up was done in photoshop.

Roughly 150 props were made to fill out the scene.

And thanks guys!