Robot fighting game

I am currently working on a robot battling game similar to Robot Wars (if anyone remembers that show) and I was wondering how I would implement a model from 3DS Max into Unreal engine 4, make it move around and use its flipper to flip other robots. Any help is appreciated!


Export the model from 3dsMax to ue4 as a .fbx if the robot has wheels use the Vehicle BP to move it or if its tracks you ave to look at some tank tutorials on making it move as for the flipper if it moves via animation just bind that to a key press of if it’s a seperate mesh have a key press rotate it up :slight_smile: hope thats of some help

look in the content examples for the ufo and the vehicle template.

There are dazillion different ways to do that, animate it, export /import skeletal mesh.
In the content examples are some motor and hinge examples, i think they are right for you.