Robot Battles and Design Game

Hi there, I really love working with Unreal Engine, I made this game using Blender, Skulptris, Meshmixer and AwesomeBump, i have no sound in the game yet because i want to make it really good when it’s ready, this is a video of how the game is so far

I’ve been using only blueprints

A few important next steps to take, I’m going to completely redesign the map, a few more weapons to choose from currently there are 5, each robot can have 1 on each arm, and each robot only has 2 arms, movement types, i’m going to keep the number of movement types minimal, right now there are 3 different ones, each head you can select from is a module or special ability, there are 3, firebreath, airstrike, and shield, the 4th one will allow flight or dash, i need to implement the scoring system, and the robot design screen, basically you can choose which head, body, movement type, and weapons your robot should have, at a later stage i hope to add a great amount of different selectable parts, and there’s alot more tweaking to do, the hud is completely temporary as well, the minimap will also be overall ed, i’m going to design a brand new map actually as soon as possible, i’m not satisfied with that one

Looks decent(ish) keep working on it and I’m sure something positive will result from it.

World design needs improvement and the robots need more diversity.

Thanks for the positive feedback, Currently i am designing a new map and i’m favoring to add real world details, such as a cosmetic waterfall then destructible bridges, possibly destructible rocks, concerning diversity in the robots i was focusing on having the design pretty set, and you can really only select what ability it should have, you can select one weapon for each arm, there are two arms, you can select the body, and then the movement type, flying, driving, walking, and more as the work continues, the head you select for it will determine which special ability you want, at the moment there are 3, you can breath fire, or have a spawnable shield, which will protect you from any damage, and the missile air strike from the jet you call in, that one is meant to be a mad scientist with connections to the air force basically, there are a number of other special abilities still on the way, but i do agree, diversifying the robots in the battle field is a challenge, but i will try focus on a good plan after the new map is designed

I’d like to create a blog for my game to keep everyone up to date with the progress and what’s being done, can anyone suggest a good place to make it?

I created the website and facebook page for the game Facebook - log in or sign up https://www…com

Hi Nightform, I like what you doing here. Very interesting Level Design. Any plans for First Person mode?

Good question, basically the ambition i want to have for this game there is no cross hairs when you’re out of selected aim mode, but you can use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom past the character and this will become a first person view, i think i will add an option in the settings whether you’d like the cross hairs to show or not, but by default it will be without it, and i just recorded and uploaded a new video for the game progress to youtube

Mech Customization is awesome. Is Level determined by the ‘flying’ ability?

i created a new video demonstrating some of the new stuff i added to the game, flying will drain your energy while ascending, and whilst you’re firing your weapon your energy will drain as well, if you reach 0 energy it will fall YouTube

I’ve uploaded a public release of the game for anyone to download, check out the webiste https://www…com/

Screenshots needed. No screenshots, not bothering myself with going to your website