RoboRecall without VR?

Can I play RoboRecall without VR hardware?
If I need to modify it or mod it, what do I need?

Hi [USER=“761421”]Haider of Sweden[/USER], yes you can.

I know it’s an old topic, but maybe somebody is still looking for this. So, Yes, you can test / play your Robo Recall MOD without a VR device.

You just need to hit the button Play (play this level in VR) > Wait for the new window opens (the new window will be white probably) > Using your mouse, click on the new window > Using your keyboard hit “Space bar” > Hit “P” > Wait some seconds, and the game will start probably.

Basic commands in-game:

  • Mouse to look around;
  • Space bar to teleport;
  • “Q” and “E” to get your revolver (you need to look at it first).

Hi @fejao_maravilha

Now I am late myself with the followup question.
Does your answer apply to the Robo Recall Mod Kit? That was initially what I was asking about but I didn’t phrase my question properly. Maybe because I didn’t even think of the real game but only the Unreal-modkit :smiley:

Hi Haider,

OMG, now it’s me later, 04 months ago… kkkkkkkk … no problem smile: Yes! My answer applies to the Robo Recall Mod Kit.