Robo Recall Mod Kit Download Missing

I was looking for the ModKit Download for Robo Recall and its nowhere to be found on the Epic Games Store. If someone has a link or a download that would be helpful

You can search for it in the store, but when you click the “GET” button, it throws up an error. Maybe they abandoned it?

guys tried this yet? I’ve had the editor for an eternity but I try to keep up on where to download it from. Hope the download for it still works!

(Welcome to the mod forums, btw! I’m one of the main modders. We also have more mods posted over on )

Hey guys, after some emails with staff at Epic I’ve been told to forward you guys to this email to express your bugs with the store. I couldn’t give them the info they needed since I already have the editor, but maybe you guys can help them fix the bug.

Here’s Amanda’s email, if you guys still can’t get it, please message her and let her know!

Cannot find the modkit anyware etiher.

Search for “Robo Recall” on the Epic Games store, and you’ll find the Robo Recall Modkit.