Robo recall firearm mod tutorial

Alrighty everyone! Here it is! The big day! I finally found the time to sit down and
write this big thing out! The Custom Firearm tutorial is finally here! It’s a huge, in-depth tutorial showing you how to do everything related to getting your model weapon up and running. Here’s a short list of what I go through in the guide:

Finding a free, creative commons model on sketchfab

Editing that model in Blender to free moving parts and add a skeleton .

Exporting the model as an fbx for use in Unreal Engine 4.

Importing the model, it’s skeleton and physics colliders, and textures into UE4 .

Editing the physics collider and skeleton to make them compatible with Robo Recall.

Adding a material for the weapon to apply textures to.

And scripting events in UE4’s Blueprint system to animate our weapon and change gun settings.

And I’ll be adding several things to it before December the 6th (I’m using this Instructable for an assignment in school) and I’ll be editing a video to guide everyone through as well, going from the beginning of finding the right model, to editing and rigging, to showing your weapon off in VR! I cannot wait to see what you guys make with this tutorial and the other upcoming content for it. So excited! Here’s the link, and I’ll see you all in the field, Agents!