Robin Yount Baseball 16: How to make ballparks?

Alright, so I need to make a ballpark for my game called Robin Yount Baseball 16. Can anyone help? I have an empty space for the level. I want to make multiple ball parks. I’m using unlicensed teams and here are the teams:

Green Bay Lakers (GB) (American Conference Central)
Chicago Sounds (CHI) (American Conference Central)
Indianapolis Indianans (IND) (National Conference Central)
Detroit Titans (DET) (American Conference Central)
Cincinnati Jackets (CIN) (National Conference Central)
Cleveland Bucks (CLE) (National Conference Central)
Columbus Ohians (COL) (American Conference Central)
Pittsburgh Pennsylvanians (PIT) (National Conference Central)
Saint Louis Archways (STL) (American Conference Central)
Minnesota Bears (MIN) (American Conference Central)
New Orleans Louisianans (NO) (American Conference Central)
Nashville Pillows (NVL) (National Conference Central)
Kansas City Blues (KC) (National Conference Central)
Houston Giants (HOU) (National Conference Central)
Dallas Texans (DAL) (American Conference West)
Seattle Towers (SEA) (American Conference West)
Portland Zephyrs (POR) (National Conference West)
San Francisco Bridges (SF) (American Conference West)
Oakland Oaks (OAK) (National Conference West)
San Diego Mexicans (SD) (National Conference West)
Los Angeles Spartans (LA) (National Conference West)
Anaheim Californians (ANA) (American Conference West)
Phoenix Arizonans (PHO) (American Conference West)
Denver Mountains (DEN) (National Conference West)
Las Vegas Nevadans (LV) (National Conference West)
Calgary Eskimos (CGY) (American Conference West)
Edmonton Albertans (EDM) (American Conference West)
Vancouver Pioneers (VAN) (National Conference West)
Philadelphia Jets (PHI) (American Conference East)
Baltimore Bees (BAL) (National Conference East)
Washington Americans (WSH) (American Conference East)
Boston 76ers (BOS) (National Conference East)
Buffalo Wolves (BUF) (National Conference East)
Toronto Canadians (TOR) (American Conference East)
Atlanta Georgians (American Conference East)
Jacksonville Panthers (JKV) (National Conference East)
Tampa Bay Packers (TB) (American Conference East)
Miami Floridans (MIA) (National Conference East)
Charlotte Appalachians (CHA) (American Conference East)
Raleigh 49ers (RAL) (National Conference East)
New York Bobcats (NYB) (National Conference East)
New York Nationals (NYN) (American Conference East)