Roation of Mesh to Camera

I am creating a short video, with some stylised art in it.
Basically its for a music video, anyway I have this idea and am not sure how carry this out -
I am going to import loads of 2D shapes into a first person shooter, and make a scene - Then i will record it. However I would like the 2D Shapes to constantly face the camera. Here is what I have so far -

Here is my plane shape, if you go behind it because of the normal properties, it will vanish, which I am fine with as its only the front i need.

A blueprint class for the plane, so it rotates to face camera - however this is what happens

The tip of the airplane is facing the camera, so the mesh can’t be seen at all! basically making it invisible, as it is looking along the wrong axis of the mesh. How do I change it is rotating from a different angle? Noob question I know, but if you can help cheers.

Ok this may be a bit stupid but it works: Solve this with trial and error. Since I have no chance of guessing where the forward vector of your shape is and how the world axis is aligned: Take the output vector of the vector - vector node, and use the RotateVector node on it. Now you can fill in x y and z values. I have no idea which values will be the right ones, but just try filling in 90 in one of them and see what happens. This will rotate the object 90° in a given axis, so eventually you will find a combination that works for you. You can feed the output of that into the make rotator, the rest can stay the same.

This didn’t work for me -.- I’m gonna upload the sprite and see if any kind soul will try make it for me and send screenshots xD I really need this music video for my piece of music ahaha

Can’t explain it but this is prob what you need

Hey thats amazing cheers!