Roadmap to go from beginner to professional in UE4

Hello everyone,

I began working on UE4 a couple of weeks back. And I have to say I am loving it. But I also feel at times that the amount of tutorials online sometimes overwhelm me.
So I decided to come up with the road map on how to proceed further. I woukd be happy if someone could recommend their own or suggest and add something to mine. And know I’ll be working alone for an indefinete period of time because finding people to collaborate over here is really tough, near impossible. So I’ll have to learn a bit of everything too.
I would like to work with a team or some individual or a larger team. I do not plan on being an idie dev, but wouldn’t mind it if I have to be.

So to begin with.

  1. Get the bare basics down. Moving around in the window. How to make foilage, landscape and meshes.

  2. As I know I would feel impatient and would want to get on with making games, basic ones. So I thought lets get the basic games listed in UE4 tutorials down.

  3. I didn’t want to leave the basics totally, I’ll then do the entire basics from Virtuos Learning Hub beginners playlist. Get the general idea of things.

  4. Then get down to a bit more complex things, using Shooter Tutorials get the game up and running. Its a big project and will take time.

  5. Then I will start to get into the depth of the other systems in UE4. Materials, UI, AI, physics, optimization and everything pretty. Using the the documentation and if something needed tk supplement it.

  6. Now is when I start to lose my way. Either start making a game of my own using the free assets in the store, which no doubt is great. Or learn the 3D Asset Production Pipeline and get my own models and assets. But I believe I would have to learn a bit of the production pipeline, but the point being that is that a good time to start?

  7. I love AI and gameplay. So I think now will be the time to get down and make some complex AI and nice gameplay elements. But shoukd I just make them as standalone project or incorporate into a game?

  8. Depending on how 7th play out this will work. I would now want to make a full fledged game and incorporate everything that I have learned and use it.

  9. Now I should iterate and keep on getting some more games out. Try to find some people to work along now!

  10. Well I guess this is too much in the future to decide what will happen then.

So I believe this could be my way of how to get started and learn things and perfect my skills. I would be happy if someone could give their opinion. Also some references/tutorials on how get those would also be nice.

Thanks for reading the entire post