[roadmap request] build dedicated server in editor....

I know I have seen some documentation on how to build a dedicated server, but it seems to involved compiling the whole source. That’s all fine and good, but now I have a different ‘version’ of the editor and all the tools to build a server… so from there do I need to do all my development for that project in the new ‘version’ I have locally? And to be honest, I have tried to get a dedicated server compiled, followed every bit of info/tutorial I could find. It just is never successful on the build.

I recall in all my reading that it has to do with one compiler directive/setting of some sort. Can this just be in some way added into a release so when you build a project one of the options is to build dedicated server?

Just seems it would be a nice addition to an official release. Thanks.

No response from epic at all? Hmm.

It means you would need to have 2nd copy of engine that is compiled with dedicated server only version. You can build UE4 for dedicated by picking “Shipping Server” build in VS, but i’m not sure how to package such build. Keep in mind dedicated server is builded in any normal and editor build (or else you do “Client” build which remove server code in engine and game if you filter it right), you starting it by starting game with “-server” option. So you might consider distributing your game as a server too, lot of games did that in the past.

What I am looking for is the ability to run your game, even if it is the ‘normal’ game you package, and have it run as a server where it just opens a text window/log if that much… it doesn’t need to do the graphics part or be a character in the game… that USED to be called running as a dedicated server, but whenever I have asked about it I get pushed off to links about rebuilding the editor and such. If there is a different way, I’d like to see it documented.