Roadmap link in Epic Launcher still points to Trello

Hi Team,

Great work, keep it up; I love your product.

Noted that the Roadmap link in the Epic Launcher (Unreal Engine on the left, UE4 tab at the top, Roadmap link on the middle-right) still points to Trello and as of Nov '20 that is defunct. Is there an updated link we ought to put there?

Hello IlIFreneticIlI,

Thanks for reaching out. You’re correct that Trello link is outdated, but we (the docs team) aren’t the right people to ask about that. We have no ability to update the launcher itself. You should re-post the issue on the main UE forums, so that someone on the launcher team can address the issue.

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Hey IlIFreneticIlI,

The documentation team passed on this flag. Thank you for bringing this to our attention- we’ve now resolved the issue and ‘roadmap’ now links to the most recent updated public UE4 roadmap.



Appreciated, and appreciated on the update; thanks.

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