Roadmap for ControlVR Support

In June a project was funded on Kickstarter to create an affordable motion-capture solution for independent developers due out next year, called ControlVR. Since I will be pre-ordering it for use with various projects, Unreal Engine is listed as being compatible with the system, but there is very little information about this.

It would be helpful to many of us if Epic provided a roadmap that outlined existing plans for the interface, and possible improvements they wish to make.

The integration with UE4 would be provided by the company that’s doing it, not Epic.

Whilst it is true the hardware is to be developed by the company, the goal of ControlVR is that its software will be open-source…

On the basis of what was seen during in June, surely Epic has a rough idea of how it would build on the existing interface?

Epic doesn’t have to do anything with it, ControlVR is creating the integration themselves, there’s nothing that needs involvement with Epic. For instance SixSense is doing their STEM controllers which will support UE4 and SixSense is going to be adding that support all themselves. The only reason that the Oculus Rift is something that Epic is working with is because the way it’s doing things is going to be the standard for VR headsets so it will be able to support more devices.