Been working on a map for awhile now in Unreal. However, I only used Unreal because I really suck using the Zero Engine. My sole purpose was to go about creating a map that I could use as a mod map. However, I’m not sure how to convert everything nor am I sure if I even can. I successfully ripped what I could from the game I used as the basis and went on to add what was necessary. This game itself ran on a completely different engine and the compatibility was much more flexible. However, it isn’t like that right now. I came here because that’s what the map is running on right now. Any help or should I go to Zero instead if they’re still up?

  1. dont ripp anything from other games :wink:
  2. you **cant **create a map for a completely different engine with the UE4 -> it uses other file formats and other techniques. The only way how it could work is to export all meshes out from the engine - create the level in your 3d progam - import it in the other engine (but this just works with meshes)