Road Spline Tool


I was looking for good road blueprint, but have not found anything suitable. Since I can’t code and also blueprint system is sometimes too complicated for me, I wonder whether someone would be interested in helping with creating a road blueprint. It could be then shared and I guess more people would appreciate a tool like this.

My idea is to include:

  • road lane width
  • road mesh - can include also some random mesh for uneven surface
  • road material
  • road edge type, width, material
  • number of lanes (including AI that could follow spline)
  • lanes direction
  • if 2 way, center width, material
  • type of lines (type, width, offset)
  • ability to include crash barriers, walls, fences, kerbs, sidewalks, support walls (type, offset, side: left, right, center)
  • ability to include street lights (side: left, right, center)
  • option to conform landscape to spline (similar to landscape spline option of raise/lower terrain)
  • ability to snap to another spline points, or points of prefabs

Feel free to share your ideas as well;)

Thank you;)

I think roads are hard to do in Unreal Engine, and I have a spline BP but having trouble getting it to work properly as its not accepting the last pin I need to connect so the spline mesh shows up in the engine… I also have a game I’m working on and I can’t code it all too well either with the blueprints system in Unreal Engine, but I’m still persisting to try.

Try this free road tool -

It has most of what you are looking for :slight_smile:

I can’t get that to show up in my project folder. I’m using Ver 14.4. I think you need ver 15 or maybe it was made with a much earlier version for It won’t show up in the content area. I don’t know what version of the engine that road tool was made with, (IT MATTERS what engine version you have ) otherwise it won’t show up in the content folder area in your project. And I don’t like the idea of having to BUNNY HOP from version to version just to get it into my version or have to upgrade to version 15 if it was made with that, and upset the whole entire project and all its blueprints just to try to get a
free tool to work.

Thank you for the tool, I’ve tried it but it does not provide what I need. Also, there was a problem in 4.15 to get it to run properly, it seems there are some bugs in there.