Road Sign Pack Edition 1 [Submitted]

I just sbmitted my 3rd pack for the marketplace, the info is below.

An assortment of 27 of the most commonly used road signs, all modeled and formatted using real-world specifications. Each sign mesh is separate from the sign post mesh so they can be moved up and down on the sign post as well as mixed and matched with other sings on the same post.

All of the sign materials are controllable via instances which can be used to change the color per channel (RGBA), gloss and distressing color as well as distressing intensity and scale.

The sign materials use a color masked texture in addition to a gloss and normal map, this keeps the shader complexity and file size down and allows for easy instancing as well as more control over the look of the assets - Each Color Mask and Normal Map texture is 2048x and each Gloss/AO is 1024x

This pack includes the following assets:

  • 27 signs
  • 50 texture maps
  • 7 meshes
  • 3 materials
  • 29 material instances
  • 1 map/environment

I could use this - Would save me allot of time :slight_smile:

What are the poly counts per sign and what platforms are you planing on targeting?

That’s what i made them for :slight_smile:

The signs are 280 polys (including bolts) and the sign post is 108 polys, i didn’t create lods for them because it wasn’t worth the resources to convert so few polys at run-time and while there are 27 different signs there are only 6 different sign meshes so even with all of the signs being rendered at once with multiple instances you wouldn’t notice any packet dip since it’s basically rendering the same 6 meshes over and over with different material instances on them.

Also there are only 6 Gloss/AO and Normal map textures used for the signs, one for each size/shape sign mesh - The only thing that’s different for each sign that uses the same sign mesh is the Material Instance and Color Mask so they are very ‘light’ resource wise.

The pack is now up on the Trello board for voting so if you’re interested go give it a vote!

Looks super!

Please consider adding some European signs also:)
Take a look here for more inspiration:


Thanks for the link! I actually plan on releasing more signage sets in the future including European signage as well as a master material which allows the user to create custom signs within UE4.

Very nice work!

Thank you!

This pack is now available on the marketplace!