Road sign generator?

So i bought the highways kit from Kitbash3d that has all the road signs lined up as simple planes and bunch of different post meshes. I brought it all in UE4 but I wanted to create a blueprint that allows me modular control where scrolling through the list of signs I can pick one or maybe randomly generate iterations of different signs with different posts. I actually found couple people who achieved this on the marketplace like this guy but obviously i can’t buy more as the Kitbash3d kit was already expensive.
I am a bit new to UE4 and I did the basic course of blueprints on unreal academy but this seems to be a bit advanced and a bit specific so I was hoping if you guys could point me in the right direction on how to achieve this? Even if you guys could give me links of tutorials that cover a general idea that is related to this, that would help too!

More example here:

Thanks guys!

It’s hard to tell without access to the package, but I’m assuming you just use his blueprints and when you get a reference to one, you can pull a pin off and choose the sign / post / dirt etc. No?..

I don’t have access to his package. I didn’t buy that on Marketplace. I bought the highways kit from Kitbash3d (separate website) and they have fbx geometry of highways and highway signs. So I exported the fbx to UE. The signs are all planes (100+) and different posts (4 of them). The texture of each sign is the same big jpg file that has all the sign images tiled next to each other and the different sign planes just use different UV position to pick different images from that overall 1 large image.

Ok, so make a BP and put one sign in it. It will have the plane and the post and the parameters for the UV.

Then you can make the construction script so that it changes to pole mesh and changes the UV and dirt param.

It’s very hard to tell you how to do it from here, but if you knock something together and post a pic I’ll take a look.

sure thing! Thanks! Are there any specific tutorials links you might know of that kind of cover something along these lines? Thing is I don’t know what to search on google or youtube in order to follow. Should I search construction script tutorial or something?

This gives you a good overview of the CS:

I would write something, but I don’t know the structure you have.

Thanks! That helped as a starting point, I watched more tutorials along similar lines and SUCCESSFULLY MADE MY FIRST proper blueprint! It generates road signs and has many options to change board height, add secondary signs, change post etc. Thank you!

Good to hear! :smiley: