Road objects somehow integrated into landscape!

Hi, I have a tiled landscape. At the moment I have only one of my tiles loaded (I’m painting roads on it). I’d previously been experimenting with road BP’s and landscape splines, and now I’ve noticed that just off the edge of my tile I have some road pieces. Unfortunately when I click on them to get rid of them, it highlights all of the road pieces, which is great, but also the landscape, which is not good, as it means I can’t delete them. Assuming they were landscape splines I went into spline editor, but they are not showing up as splines. Assuming they are spline BP’s I right clicked to see if they were ‘grouped’ with the landscape or something, but there is no group option there.

If anyone could shed light on what on earth I might have done to somehow make road meshes part of the landscape I would be very grateful, as I’m trying to tidy it up and get rid of them. Thanks :slight_smile:


I have World Composition, means tiled landscape with roads. How I do it - load all levels (or just levels where road (or other spline) will be), then work with roads. I think you should not edit roads in single loaded landscape tile, but on whole landscape loaded. It was few weeks ago when I work with roads, bus as I remember, roads are placed on persistent level, so better load all tiles.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, unfortunately I don’t think this will be the answer because I have successfully worked with road splines on three separate tiles with the appropriate roads belonging to each separate tile and been able to delete them fine.

I think I know what I’ve done. I think I’ve laid out road splines with a mesh that has spanned multiple tiles eg x3_y1,x3_y2,x3_y3, but forgot to set current level for each one correspondingly, so all the road splines were owned by x3_y1, then when deleting them all, somehow a few roads have had their mesh remain, but the spline points be deleted, essentially orphaning some of the road mesh on a spline with no access points. That’s my theory anyway as it’s the only one that makes sense to me at the moment. I have no idea how to get rid, although I’m suspecting I might be better deleting the road mesh asset, then re-adding, to see what happens.

So nobody has found how to repair this?