Road Editor

Looks interesting when are looking at submitting it to the marketplace?

Insta-buy for me hopefully it comes through to the marketplace shortly

Thank you for support.

We first release outside the marketplace (1 week, maybe 2), and after cleaning the integration code, we will directly submit the plugin to Epic.


We are making the content by default , textures, objects and actors. It remains a small thing to do but it starts to become impressive . It will not be long.

Looking awesome. Cant wait to get my hands on this

Absolutely gorgeous. One of the few plugins I feel like is so sorely needed and is priced fairly for what it offers!

Will early buyers of the initial release get updates for free?

Yes of course.

wow amazing, I can not wait to have him. Will be possible to export the created road as fbx? example: File>Export All/Export Selected, it work with your plugin?. Great Work.

Good question.

Yes it works. But it does not seem to export material. Merge actors also works.

I will try again when i’ll put LODs in default content but it seems to work fine.

Ok perfect :smiley:

I assume you will also have to model roads with sidewalks on the edges as well?

Yes, if people want my meshes, there will be the same default roads and crosses with and without sidewalks :wink: But not a lot, default content is just an example. And a designer will have much better result than a programmer by modeling the road network i think, the purpose of the plugin is to put any mesh you want in. Otherwise, I can do a road pack, but it will be not part of plugin. For next, working on side splines to have one mesh of side walk, guard rails, fences for all type of roads for the second release could be a better idea, we will see.

Looking wonderful. Please keep the news of progress coming.

Looking awesome! Its perfect for use cases around vehicle simulations which where I want to experiment with. :slight_smile:

Any updates on this?

Yes, the editor and the toolkit is finished. Currently i am linking slate with runtime plugin functions, assuring me that all is well. I have to finish the meshes, make a final presentation (the video show just the half of the plugin) and it’s finish for the first version :wink:

wow this looks amazing i am soooo ready for this

Really waiting for your road tool + that feature. I hope it’ll be implemented before release. :slight_smile:

It’s already implemented. It’s the “T” key :slight_smile:

Copy paste (ctrl c + ctrl v) also implemented for Shirk.

When is the release for the market