Road Editor

Hello, does anyone have the pro version and could help us with getting the binaries for 4.26 or even the whole thing for 4.26, since the developer makes no effort to update the plugin himself unfortunately.
we bought the version for 170€ and are now presented with a version for 4.18 and aren’t able to upgrade the plugin on our own, since we dont have the complete source files…
any help would he nice.
Greetings, Luis

Guys… they did it! They released the 4.26 version of ROAD EDITOR! IT’S BEEN 4 YEARS! THEY FINALLY UPDATED IT!


Anyone with source access still around to do a build for 4.27?
I know it’s unlikely…

I thought there would be an upgrade path from Road Editor Studio to Pro,
but since the developer doesn’t answer any emails I can’t upgrade and do a build myself.