Road Development

hello, i am currently in the process of trying to create a large scale city that a player could walk and drive in. I am having trouble deciding upon the best route to create a road network with unreal engine. As their is no defined “Road Tool” i have been trying many of the community suggested ways and was wondering if anyone had any insight on what would be the best route to use when it comes to building a road network. I have mostly used the landscape splines, but i find those difficult and messy when it comes to road creation.

If anyone has any suggestions i would absolutely love to hear them.

I think the way you are going with it is how most would do it. If you look in the “Learn” section in the Epic Games Launcher you will find the “Landscape Mountains” project. They used splines in there to make the roads IIRC, and they looked really good. That might just be a matter of learning different workflows for it. We do it like this and our LD says it works quite nicely.

Something else that you might be able to do is to make your landscape in your fav 3D modeling program and give the space that your roads will take up a separate material ID. Then just apply another material to it. This makes it a bit tough to change though, IMHO. But, if you have a fixed world already worked out and you don’t think you will need to change it much that might be a reasonable way to go.

Honestly I think many people just stick with splines and the landscape tool. OH! I nearly forgot, the “Vehicle Game” demo also uses splines in a similar way. That’s found in the Epic Games Launcher as well under “Learn”.