[RMA Texture Tools] offers you the possibility to resize and reduce the precision of textures internally without any difficulty.

Release Notes

New - Resize To The Most Appropriate “Power Of Two” Resolution.

Fixed - Some Fixes.

New - 5.3 version support.

New - This Plugin Has Been Renamed To "RMA Texture Tools.
New - Texture Precision Reduction Support.
Improvement - Interface Has Been Completely Reworked.
Improvement - Codes Have Been Completely Refactored.

Fixed - Some Fixes.

New - 5.2 version support.

Fixed - Some Fixes.

New - 5.1 version support.

Fixed - Some Fixes.

New - 5.0 version support.

New - 4.27 version support.

Fixed - Virtual Texture.

New - Non-PowerOfTwo support.
Fixed - Some Fixes.
Improvement - Several Improvements.

List of Features

  • Resize multiple textures at once
  • Reduce the precision of textures
  • Easy to use
  • With source code


Engine Versions
4.20 - 5.3

Development Platforms

Target Build Platforms


Marketplace : RMA Texture Tools in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace (unrealengine.com)
Gumroad Marketplace : RMA Texture Tools
Documentation : RMATextureTools - Google Docs

AMAZING TOOL, saves me a lot of time.

When I try to install into 4.21.1, it does nothing, have you tried to install, does it work for you?

Hello John,

From my side the plugin works without any problem.
If you continue to have problems please contact me by email.

Thank you.

Ok, thank you. Let me look into this, when I upgraded to 4.21.1 it hung up because of the Texture plugin . I had to manually change to false in the config file. I will go back and change it to true and see if it helps.

This tool is great to have! I wish it was a little more developed though… It would be a huge help if the UI showed the current resolution of the selected maps to make it easier to figure out what resolution to use. Better still, it would be great if the app suggested the nearest power of two size. The other issue we have is that textures imported which are not powers of two need to have mip-mapping re-enabled. We can do that in batch, but it would be really nice if we could set the MIP mapping by default when we fix our textures. Thanks!!!

Hello NC3D,

Thank you for the feedback,
I always seek to add new features to my plugins,
I will take your feedback into consideration,
thank you. :wink:

This tools is amazing and has saved me soooo much time<<<<<thank you!!!

Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Great tool, any chance of doing Catmull default for resize? It has higher quality and there is not reason to use less than that.

Hello, the update I am currently working on includes some new features and improvements, one of the new features is a system that records the last settings that have been set from the plugin, in the coming days I will submit the new version of the plugin, thanks for the feedback.

How can I update the plugin?
I’m using 4.24 but only allows me download 4.22-4.21
I have already the plugin but says 1.4 instead 1.5
Also I lack some of the new features, at mitchel etc, meaning for sure it’s a old version.
When I go to “install to Engine” only those two engine versions appear.

Thanks for your plugin, I use it daily. I key tool for me.

I’m not having any problem on my side to download the plugin version “1.5.0” for the engine version “4.24”.
If you continue to have problems please contact me by email.

Thank you.