[RMA Foliage Tools] offers a collection of powerful foliage management tools.

Release Notes

  • V:4.4.0
    New - 5.4 version support.

  • V:4.x.0
    New - Task Progress Bar.
    New - Foliage To Actor Converter.
    New - Actor To Foliage Converter.
    New - Foliage To ISM Converter.
    New - ISM To Foliage Converter.
    Improvement - Performance.
    Improvement - Buffer File Is Now Saved In Json Format.
    Improvement - Interface Has Been Completely Reworked.
    Improvement - Codes Have Been Completely Refactored.

  • V:3.3.0
    New - 5.3 version support.

List of Features

  • Buffer System
    • Save To File
    • Load From File
  • Convert Foliage To Actor
  • Convert Foliage To ISM
  • Convert Actor To Foliage
  • Convert ISM To Foliage
  • Convert Mesh To Foliage
  • Undo/Redo Support
  • Easy To Use
  • Source Code


  • Engine Versions (4.17-5.4)
  • Development Platforms (Windows)
  • Target Build Platforms (Any)


Ok this is a pretty cool Utility:)

Hi! I’ve been using this plugin for a long time and it’s great and it does it’s job very well!

Recently, I started using World composition to optimize my open world map. UE4 allows landscape parts to be moved to other maps. However, while doing this, it does not move the plants. My opinion is this. A feature that allows us to choose foliage as the grid, taking into account the position of the landscape.

In this way, I can safely select the plants and move them to the other map. Would you consider adding such a feature? Have a nice day!

Hi, I appreciate your suggestion, I will check the feasibility
of implementing this feature in the next update. :slight_smile:

Are you still planning to support foliage types?
-Donald Newlands


I’ve been using the RMAFoliageTools utility for some time, and I’ve run into a bug where the 2.8.5 version of the plugin fails to open buffer text files exported in an older version of the plugin (anything pre-2.8.0/UE4). Looking at the buffer files themselves, it looks like there’s some superficial formatting differences (changing the “Transforms” tag to “Transform” for instance, etc) but even after adjusting those to fit the new format, I still can’t get them to open in 2.8.5. Is this a known bug? Are there any workarounds that anyone else has found?


We are having the same issue. We want migrate foliage from a 4.27 project to a 5.1 project. The buffers we wrote out for 4.27 do nothing in RMA Foliage for 5.1.

A side issue with 5.1 is we would like to use RMA to move foliage from sub-levels to the World Partition level, but when we do, the foliage lands in the wrong place, around 0,0 rather than out where it should be.

Thanks for your help!


Thanks for reporting, this bug has been fixed in version 2.9.1 which will be available in the coming days.

Thanks for reporting, about the first bug it has been fixed in version 2.9.1 which will be available in the coming days. About the second bug, please contact me by email to provide me more information.


I tried to use FoliageTools v2.9.1 to move a lot of foliage (700,000 trees) from a regular 5.1 level to a world partition level. Instead of making one big instanced foliage actor, it made 20,000… Is there something I’m missing? Is there a way I can merge the foliage actors or have FoliageTools generate fewer actors?

In the regular 5.1 level, the single massive foliage actor performs very well. I have tried to convert it to WP but when I run the convert tool, the foliage actor does not come through.

Thanks for your help!


In world partition levels this behavior is expected because the engine will split the foliage into multiple partitions.

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