[FONT=comic sans ms]RMAFoliageTools makes possible to transfer foliage from a level to another, convert FoliageInstance to StaticMeshActor and vice versa which makes possible to have a better control of optimization of levels.

[FONT=comic sans ms]Release Notes

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.6.0
New - 4.27 version support.

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.5.0
New - 4.26 version support.

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.4.0
New - 4.25 version support.

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.3.0
Fixed - Some Fixes.
Improvements - Codes Have Been Refactored.

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.2.0
New - 4.24 version support.

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.1.0
New - 4.23 version support.

[FONT=comic sans ms]V:2.0.5
New - “Procedural Foliage” support.

[FONT=comic sans ms]List of Features

[FONT=comic sans ms]- Convert FoliageInstance to StaticMeshActor

  • Convert StaticMeshActor to FoliageInstance
  • Buffer system
  • Save Buffer
  • Load Buffer
  • Easy to use
  • With source code

[FONT=comic sans ms]Supported

[FONT=comic sans ms]Engine Versions
[FONT=comic sans ms]4.17 - 4.27

[FONT=comic sans ms]Development Platforms
[FONT=comic sans ms]Windows

[FONT=comic sans ms]Target Build Platforms
[FONT=comic sans ms]Any

[FONT=comic sans ms]Links

[FONT=comic sans ms]Marketplace](RMAFoliageTools in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace)
[FONT=comic sans ms]Gumroad Marketplace

Ok this is a pretty cool Utility:)

Hi! I’ve been using this plugin for a long time and it’s great and it does it’s job very well!

Recently, I started using World composition to optimize my open world map. UE4 allows landscape parts to be moved to other maps. However, while doing this, it does not move the plants. My opinion is this. A feature that allows us to choose foliage as the grid, taking into account the position of the landscape.

In this way, I can safely select the plants and move them to the other map. Would you consider adding such a feature? Have a nice day!

Hi, I appreciate your suggestion, I will check the feasibility
of implementing this feature in the next update. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! @RafaelMAlmeida

If it’s not feasable, a simpler and more practical suggestion came to mind. Selecting foliages within the box.

Something that let me able to specify the box’s position, extent and rotation and RMA will only get the foliage information within this box.

Even that would be very useful to me. Picking plants with sphere (current way in UE4) works very badly when I have to split the map into pieces with world composition. It can be much easier and more practical to create a buffer with Box and move it to other levels.

Are you still planning to support foliage types?
-Donald Newlands