River Cave Environment

Hi folks,

I spent the last few days putting together this scene and experimenting with Quixel Megascans. I was inspired by the river cave shot in Pixar’s Onward which I reccomend btw. The scene is lit dynamically and uses raytracing features also. I use an RTX 2080 Ti. and I work on a Sony HDR 4K Display.


Some editor shots:

I had a lot of fun and more to come.
A quick shout out to S. Krezel for Smart Spline Generator which helped me to create sweet, sweet vines.

Happy Easter! :slight_smile:

My Artstation

I’ve updated the video and taken out the Unreal Engine watermark and put it at the start instead to avoid confusion.

Share some activity people. Don’t be shy! It’s a lonely world right now. Whaddya think of this project, good, crud?

Handsome place, love the feeling and lighting.
Did you continue build around ? beach, mountain, cave interior ?

Initially I intended to build the interior of the cave but I decided to focus on the main concept which was the narrow canyon area with the stream. Its been a while since I used Unreal Engine. I originally started using Unreal Engine 3 professionally back in 2006 as a licensed developer. So to ease myself back in I decided not to bite off more than I could chew. Plus the scene is very asset heavy even with instancing. It runs smooth but not if I add any more stuff. Perhaps if I bake the lighting down but I love dynamic GI, how can I go backwards! Thanks for your comments Cleveyus. I was feeling a bit ‘glanced over’ before you posted. :wink:

Hey subspark, loved the scene. It feels very natural. It’s not easy to nail quality vs fps under raytracing. You did a really great job. I’m always looking for photorealism and if you tweak a little more your post process volume, you can get even further. Really nice job.

Thank you wsangi much appreciated comments. I intend to revisit this scene in the future with the feedback I’ve received from various forums including this thread.

While I consider this piece in its current iteration complete, a few things have crossed my mind that I will address in the future. Others may see what I see and agree:

  • Improve lighting (more depth / less flat)
  • Higher poly vine over fallen tree
  • Vertex shader wind on plants
  • Add weather (storm?)
  • Max out object draw distance to stop popping
  • Add some subtle wildlife (birds etc)
  • Add giant man-eating venus fly traps :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m working on my next scene right now and will post updates in the WIP forum this time. :slight_smile: