Rising Tides - The Age of Nautical Dominance



About Us:
Bad Rhino Games is located in the heart of Kansas City, KS. However, you could say we’re technically located all around the world. We operate as a digital studio and have artists and programmers from all around the globe. We are truly an independent developer working on PC/PS4/Xbox One games. Currently working on our first launch title and are super excited to be doing so!

Project Title:
Rising Tides

Rising Tides is an open-world, RPG based around the age of nautical dominance and exploration. Set in a time between the late 1600s and early to mid 1800s, players assume the role of a seasoned sailor and explorer as the attempt to hunt treasure, complete quests, and unlock wealth and unique upgrades. Players progress by unlocking specialized gear, ships, and weaponry. Dynamic weather events can cause high seas, hurricane-like winds, and unstable sailing conditions. Your hard work can be lost in an instant

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  • Exploration & PvE combat
  • Open-sea & Land-based combat
  • Perma-death of ships and character progressions
  • Dynamic Weather system, ocean currents, waves, and true-world physics
  • Beautiful Nautical ships with upgradeability and customization for strategic advantage
  • Unique perks and character customization
  • Historical accuracy with modern twists

Team Name:**
Bad Rhino Games

Team Structure:

  • Ryan Manning - Project Lead and Owner of Bad Rhino Games
  • Robert Chaves - Sr. Programmer
  • Skyler Wright- Jr. Programmer
  • Eric Benaim - Audio Engineer
  • Peter Cuthbertson - Concept Artist
  • Jamie Emerson - Jr. Artist
  • Matt Drury - Lead Animator

Talent Required:
Open positions always available @ Careers – Bad Rhino Studios

3D Artist

  • Experience with Maya is required
  • Expected to Model and Texture game-ready asset
  • Experience with Substance Designer is a plus

Animation Artist

  • Experience in Maya is required
  • Expected to create, rig, and animate player, NPCs, and various creatures
  • Experience with UE4 A.R.T. Tools

Audio Engineer

  • Compose and perform music
  • Create in-game character voices, sound effects, sound tracks, and ambient effects
  • Knowledge of creating audio for Unreal Engine is a plus

** Jr. Programmer**

  • Expected to work closely with Sr. Programmer for design & direction of components
  • Expected to implement features and functionality
  • Experience in C++ is required

Technical Artist

  • Expected to create and optimize Substance Designer shading networks
  • Experience in Substance Designer is required
  • Experience with authoring PBR/PBS shaders is required
  • Experience in modeling & texturing 3D assets is a plus

Level Designer

  • Expected to design the beautiful world of Rising Tides
  • Experience in creating scripted events is a plus
  • Experience in creating segmented worlds is a plus


E-Mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Skype: badrhinogames

bump. We’re still hiring







Bad Rhino is currently seeking an Audio Engineer to join our team.

Job Posting: Audio Engineer – Bad Rhino Studios

Audio Engineer

  • Compose and perform music
  • Create in-game character voices, sound effects, sound tracks, and ambient effects
  • Knowledge of creating audio for Unreal Engine is a plus


Looking good Bad Rhino, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Thanks DarkRider!

Game Assets:





Quick update with more game art. We’re still looking for artists and programmers!



The concept art is amazing! Loved it!, Good luck guys!

Looks fun, I’m interested.

Thanks FilipeTessaro and Cunico.

Greetings !

My name is Edwin and I am interested in this game concept and would like to see if I could join the team , I speak 2 lenguages ( English and Spanish ) , I dont have a lot of experience witht he game engine but I am learning quite a lot about 3D modelling , I was learning a bit of animation but It turned out that I couldnt really RIG so I just gave up on it and started 3D modelling around 4 months ago …

If you need some 3D artists/modellers please contact me here :


[MENTION=231699]Edwin Animates[/MENTION]. Sent you an e-mail. Thanks for letting us know your interested!

We’re looking for an experienced Level Designer to join our team. It’s highly recommended you have experience in creating and modifying shading networks for use on Landscapes inside UE4. More info here:

We have several new open positions for anyone looking to join our team. Apply @ Careers – Bad Rhino Studios