Rising stairs?

I’m making a puzzle game where there is a set of stairs that rises from the ground, and i’m not sure on how to do this.
I would also like it to be customisable. So far i’ve got a simple construction script that lets me choose the amount of steps. as well as distance.

As well as a system that changes the height of the stair,

although i don’t think that the construction script can’t be changed once the game is running. Is there a workaround to this?

Thank you!

Create a custom event instead and hook up the script there. Have the constructor call that event. And then you can call that event again while the game is running, too.

I tried doing what you said and it does work, although when the stairs are activated, they don’t move, but instead it creates a new set of steps for every frame.

Lol don’t call the construction function every tick :slight_smile: