Rise Of The Storm | Unreal Engine 5


Rise Of The Storm is one of my recent works. Heavily inspired from the amazing Ghost of Tsushima. Because I always like to challenge myself, I gave me 5 days to create from scratch some cool Japanese mood assets and a cool cinematic with them in UE. Except some Megascans parts, everything else made from scratch within 5 days. Models created in 3ds Max and Zbrush, texturing in Substance 3d Painter. I also used Speedtree. Everything else like particles, FX etc are done within Unreal Engine 5.

I hope you like it!

More details on Art Station: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/zDxxaw


Hello Chris, great results for just 5 days of work! :clap:

Some (personal) feedbacks:

  • The contrast between high res texture/models and low res ones is too sharp
  • The atmosphere could benefit from some more dramatic lighting and environmental phenomena (wind, lightnings, rain)
  • Linear camera movements are ok but maybe a more dynamic path could result in a more immersive visualization



Hello Gonoshift!

First of all thank you so much for your time to reply and your feedback are more than welcome!

Well, setting the limitation of 5 days to model, unwrap, texturing and bring them all to the engine and creating the environment and effects surely I was running out of time :stuck_out_tongue: (holidays off) There’s definitely room for improvements! Actually in the beginning I created some cool japanese banners and made them cloth physics and affected by the wind in the shrine gate, and guess what… I faced a problem with sequencer and physics. While simulating everything looked amazing and worked well, but when I was trying to play it in cinematic all physics where dead. Tried lots of things to solve and make this to work while playing in sequencer and as I searched, the legacy of this problem continues to the version 5 too.

If you have any suggestions about this issue it would be great!

Thanks again for your time and comment.

Be safe,