Rise of the Giants - October 2015 Mega Jam


Hi all, now that I have some time and had some rest I uploaded our October 2015 Mega Jam entry and the entire source! Keep in mind that the project is full of hacks, so take things carefully ^^

Team Name: WeGotThisCovered
Team Members:

  • Moritz “Moss” Wundke (Programming)
  • Cecilia “Arikith” Amengual (Art)
  • José “JL” Luis Gómez (Programming)
  • Andrew “BFlat” Bobotá (OST and Sound eEffects)
  • Arturo “Casi Musico” Montesinos (Sound and Level Design)

Download Game: http://www.moritzwundke.com/EpicMegaJam/RiseOfTheGiants.zip
Full Source: https://github.com/moritz-wundke/UnrealEngine/tree/RiseOfTheGiants
To access the private repo please use your GitHub account that is linked to Epics GitHub, it’s actually just an engine fork and an orphan branch.






Have fun with it ^^

This will be nice to check the physics code and audio nodes! :smiley:

You totaly dont got the robot design from a film with a giant robot. Totaly no clues here.

Jetpacks away :3

Every robot is similar, I better call it inspiration ^^