Rise of Heroes LF more people to join our team (read more inside)!

Project Title:
Rise of Heroes

Game has just started getting created in UE4. We are a newly formed team with ambition and I believe a very good game idea.

Generic Concept:
Players enter a map with grid with their chosen hero (can create many per account) and coop against monsters, bosses and traps in a turn based combat system. Dice rolling, stats, powerful abilities, clever AI driven enemies are some of the elements of our game.

Will Include:

  • Online database of accounts/characters/items
  • Tense atmosphere
  • Turn based multi-player combat
  • Co-op fast adventures
  • Item crafting/looting systems
  • And many many more

Team Name:
Not decided yet.

Team Structure**:**
Drackous (Project Creator)
UE4 Programming

Project Manager, Gameplay and Rules Supervisor

Texture & 3D Artist

Previous Work:
Demonlight (2017) - Programmer
Castleforce (2018) - Programmer
Honor Matters (2018) - Project Manager / Debugging
Blood and Mystery (2020) - Programmer

*Talents Required (great need):
Programmer (0 - 1)

  • Exellent experience with UE4 blueprints (networking as well).
  • C++ knowledge will be a bonus.

3D Artist (1 - 2)*

  • Ability to export to FBX format.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset a bonus.
  • Expected to create characters (races/classes) and various props needed.
  • Rigging and animating a fantastic bonus.

Level Designer (1)*

  • Imagination in creating nice top down themed maps.
  • Experience with UE4 toolset is a must.

Sound Effects / Music Composer (1)

  • Expected to compose background music.
  • Expected to create sound effects (i.e. abilities, swords hitting flesh, etc)

Please feel free to contact me for any aditional info. Discord is the prefered contact method.

Discord: Drackous#3139