Rise of a Civilization [city builder]

Project Title:
Rise of a Civilization (subject to change)

RoaC will be a singleplayer city building game that starts in prehistoric times. The player will start with very primitive ways of gathering resources and constructing buildings. As the game progresses the player can develop technologies in the form of a “tech tree” and unlock new buildings and improvements. These range from stone buildings to inventing the wheel and even the way trading happens (for example the use of a general currency). So basically the game will start of in prehistoric times and ‘end’ around medieval times. Future expansions of the game can include modern times, sci-fi,…

The project is based around continous development. We will start with a very basic game and build ontop of it and basically keep going.

Team Structure**:**
Lead/Programmer: Jannes D. (myself)
3D Artist: TBA

Previous Work:
As of now I have only worked on small hobby projects and have been involved in some indie projects.

Talent Required:
3D Artist

  • Sufficient skill in 3D arts. No diploma required,
  • Produce realistic styled 3D models (buildings, environmental assets, props,…),
  • Able to do high poly to low poly baking,
  • Able to create 2K textures (normal map enrichment, roughness maps, diffuse color, …)
  • HUGE BONUS if you know how to animate for UE4.

(also being from the EU can be a huge advantage)

Skype: bl4drzz